Novopay 'Best Technology Company for Fintech Solutions’ at IFTA 2020

Delivering innovation through its state-of-the-art banking platform that is cloud-native, mobile-first, API enabled and AI driven and a large network of 120,000 service delivery points, Novopay – a new generation Digital Banking and Payments technology provider – was recognised as the “Best Technology Company for Fintech Solutions” at the India FinTech Awards (IFTA) 2020, organised by India Fintech Forum.

The India FinTech Forum is a non-profit initiative with a vision to position the fintech community in India as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. It recognises the leaders and organizations for their contribution to the Fintech domain. This award is a testimony of Novopay’s efforts towards developing unique and scalable solutions, empowering several aspects of the technology backbone of the Fintech partners, such as powering KYC, Payments, Digital Lending, Cards, Collection, Field force management solutions,  and providing access to large number of service delivery points.

“We are truly honoured and excited about this recognition. Novopay has been focussed on bringing technology solutions and distribution capability to provide Banking for a billion and these awards are indicative that our efforts are in the right direction, motivating us to take this to the next levels”, said Gautam Bandyopadhyay, Co-founder and Head of Banking Solutions at Novopay.

“Our greatest strength lies in our technology and our team. Micro-services based modular architecture of our platform allows us to create valuable and differentiated solutions for partners at great speed and provide innovative solutions.”, he added,

“We are focussed on creating technology solutions that can provide digital fulfilment of financial services at the lowest incremental cost to the bottom of the pyramid. Fully compliant with India  stack, we believe that AI-enabled solutions leveraging alternate data can unlock huge potential for the nation and for us as a company”, said Srikanth Nadhamuni, Co-Founder and Chairman of Novopay

The company offers a breadth of solutions for Fintechs, Banks and NBFCs. Its solutions range from Agency Banking, Prepaid and Gift cards, Digital Onboarding, Micro-Finance Solutions, Digital Lending, Collection Management, Field Force Management & AI Workbench for modelling. Its API Banking stack makes it very simple for its partners to integrate and distribute their products.

The company expects a 5x growth in its revenue by the end of the next fiscal year and work with 100 partners. It expects a growth of its retail network to 500,000 outlets, thus providing a wide reach into India and Bharat.

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