Trustt Digital Distribution

Enable Banks/FIs to distribute their products such as  Loans, Deposits, Accounts, Cards, etc. through partner networks to acquire customers rapidly.

The Digital Distribution Platform can go live in your Bank/FI in a matter of 2 months and launch new financial products within weeks. Enables Bank/FI to onboard new partner networks within weeks and improve customer acquisition by upwards of 200%.
Trutt Conversational ai for finance & banking - Trustt GPT

Trustt’s Digital Distribution: Live Demo to Understand

Launch Products Faster. Boost Sales on the Go!

Effortless Workflow Creation

Empower your team to create and customize product distribution workflows in days, not months. Our user-friendly low-code platform eliminates the need for coding expertise, streamlining the process for a quicker time to market.
Trustt GPT - Product Discovery
Trustt GPT - Customer Acqusitions

Agent Empowerment

Equip your sales and field teams with a dedicated mobile app. Allowing them to efficiently present, distribute, and manage banks' or financial institutions' (FI) products; maximizing productivity and sales opportunities.

Seamless Partner Integrations

Our lightweight SDK and Progressive Web App (PWA) solutions enable seamless embedding of your products within partner applications. Additionally, the open API Gateway empowers partners to effortlessly integrate Banks’ services into their custom mobile apps.
Trustt GPT - Customer Support
Trustt GPT - Customer Acqusitions

Unified Partner & User Management

Simplify administration with a user-friendly interface for managing - partners, agents, users, dashboards, incentives, and payouts. This centralized platform provides a clear and efficient way to maintain control over your entire Digital Distribution Network.

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