Bringing Conversational UI to Banking

Trustt GPT:
GPT for Banking & Finance

Large Language Models (LLM) like GPT can transform Banking through Conversational UI in any language of customer's choice.

We have launched transformational products like Banking Conversational UI ie. GPT for Banking & Finance that can rapidly acquire customers and reduce the cost of servicing.

- Product Discovery
- Customer Acquisition
- Customer Support
- Sales Co-Pilot
Trutt Conversational ai for finance & banking - Trustt GPT

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GPT Suite Details

Trustt GPT - Product Discovery
personalize Financial product Discovery

Product Discovery

Using the intelligence of GPT for finance and banking  one can generate personalized financial products based on customer preferences and financial goals.

Here with the help of this Conversational UI for banking, customers can talk to the bank in their native language about their banking needs, allowing banks to offer relevant financial products that meet the unique needs of their customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Trustt GPT - Customer Acqusitions
Voice enabled Customer onboarding

Customer Acqusitions

Be it account opening or loan origination, banks can streamline the onboarding process using the power of Trustt GPT for banking.

Customers can fill any application in their native language. In return help banks to speed up the onboarding process and reduce the time to acquire new customers.

Leading to lower cost of acquisition and addressing new customer segments.
human-like and personalized Support

Customer Support

Instead of relying on scripted responses, Trustt's Banking Conversational UI (Trustt GPT) searches the customer interaction history, common solutions provided in the past and suggest the best action for resolution.

Leads to more efficient and effective customer support, as well as increased customer satisfaction.
Trustt GPT - Customer Support
Trustt GPT - Customer Acqusitions
Proactively Engage Customers with Ease

Sales Co-Pilot

Trustt GPT can automate and personalize every customer interaction, which can help in recovery or collection management.

By empowering the ground force to analyze the historic data and optimize the communication strategy, the tool can help in engaging customers better by proactively planning the interactions.

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