API integration layers are pieces of software that connect different systems and applications through their APIs, or application programming interfaces. These connectors allow these systems to exchange data and functionality with each other in a seamless and automated manner, enabling organizations to derive more value from their technology stack.In the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry.

API-based technology platforms are widely used to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences. These platforms use APIs to enable the automation and integration of various Internal and external processes or systems.

Trustt platform APIs are pre-hosted on Trustt platform Integration layer allowing users to consume APIs as per their request and onboard new APIs using the same layer creating a marketplace of APIs for various systems and data usage.

Trustt APIs are highly customisable. Also, the platform's Integration layers allow any licensed user to customise, create, test, verify and edit APIs as per the business requirement. Auto-generation of API documents is a critical USP that is powered by the platform easing out the cumbersome process of manual documentation.

Audit trails of APIs, analytics of APIs consumed in a journey or product and scheduling of timeframe for individual APIs are a possibility using Trustt APIs.