Workflow management tools can help financial services companies streamline their processes and improve efficiency by automating and managing complex workflows. A good workflow engine should have the ability to create customized journeys for different segments of customers and multiple products, taking real-time decisions during the journey.

Trustt's Workflow has key features like smart form builders, decision management nodes, and hybrid responsive rendering engines that can help create a seamless and personalized experience for customers, while one-click application publishing allows for quick and easy updates to the workflow.

Trustt's Workflow module comprises Decision management nodes allowing for real-time decision-making during the workflow by evaluating certain conditions and routing the workflow in the appropriate direction.

In addition, Trustt's workflow engine has the ability to make changes on the fly, enabling organizations to adapt and respond to changing business needs and customer preferences in real-time. Overall, a good workflow engine can help financial services companies efficiently manage their processes and provide a personalized experience for their customers.