Business Rule Engine

A strategic lending platform needs to have dynamic credit and risk assessment capabilities within an end-to-end loan origination system, coupled with an integrated credit risk management system. With a potential boom in the scale of credit demand, an increase in the adoption of technology and the availability of digitized customer data, an impartial and automated decisioning engine is the solution that lenders require. A solution that not only is completely low on coding but also automates a meticulous credit policy to a straight-through process in an error-free system.

Trustt's BRE (Business Rule Engine) is an independent decisioning platform where credit and risk analysts configure and launch credit models in real-time. The powerful rules engine makes it easy for business teams to configure and change complex credit models and eligibility calculators on a simplified web UI.

The credit policy on the CDE can be drilled with attributes and rules built around them to give a consolidated response of a group of rules per se. To avoid any policy-related errors, BRE allows the user to simulate various scenarios under Credit Policy and test the robustness of decisions before deployment. Each credit model is exposed as a micro-service, which can be consumed within the LOS journey allowing real-time credit processing while the customer is onboarding the online journey.