Field Force Management

Improving productivity using Field Service Management

For many organizations, managing a team of sales/service professionals effectively is one of the most complex tasks. Because this involves the activities to be logged, monitored, and controlled by human labor which takes a considerable amount of time and precision to keep track of all the activities. Miscommunications, delays, and  incorrect/incomplete information inevitably has plagued many companies in these situations.

As the technology has advanced with systems beginning to communicate easily, the next step was to devise a solution to solve the problem and thus gave way for the Field Service Management System.

What is FSM – Field Service Management

FSM or Field Service Management is a technology that automates the field operations of a team of sales or service professionals through mobile systems.  As customer demands and the logistics of managing field teams continue to increase in complexity, it is clear that business leaders — as well as employees, shareholders, and customers — are discovering the enormous efficiency gains and value that FSM software can bring to their organization as a whole.

FSM Systems: The Next Step of Ubiquitous Connectivity

At its core, FSM is simply any system that is designed to keep track of the various components of field operations. These components typically include employee/vehicle tracking, task scheduling,  setting field force targets, performance measurement, incentive management and more. A typical FSM is a software-as-a-service sector (SaaS) offering, with management of these components controlled through a cloud-based WebApp  which can be accessed from mobile devices while field technicians are on the job. Everything from tracking a customer acquisition, KYC or support call to empowering customers can be managed and tracked using a sophisticated FSM solution.

Voyager – Novopay’s FSM tool

Novopay’s Field Service Management tool Voyager helps monitor, analyse and improve the overall performance of the entire field force of a company. Often, companies have a large field force engaged in customer acquisition, sales or support. However, companies  are unable to accurately measure the effectiveness or productivity of their workforce in the field. This is where Voyager comes in.

Voyager’s mobile app deployed on field force’s smartphones, uses  various sensors and client-generated events to track the  progress of the field force and informs the Voyager server of their various activities. Voyager dashboard displays the status of active tasks, attendance monitoring, real-time Tasks monitoring, geo-tracking of field force, business expenses management including reimbursements and incentive management and distribution.