Loan Origination System

Lending is increasingly becoming a highly specialized operation with more and more organisations and players, apart from traditional banks, entering the market. With the advent of specialized Fintech companies, innovation and speed are becoming important aspects of the lending process. This occurrence is not just restricted to consumer loans, but also to business lending.

The loan approval process is now governed by digital documents, profiling via multiple data sources and machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. While exciting, the pace and volume of innovation in this critical domain also leave financial institutions vulnerable to potential errors and omissions. In order to sustain a high pace of change and innovation, financial institutions have to invest in agile solutions that ensure no unfavourable impact. Considering the volume of data and the complex review and approval processes, using traditional manual methods will only slow the process and result in longer time-to-market cycles or inconsistent testing. This demands the use of an automated solution for loan origination systems (LOS) which is faster, more accurate and more efficient.

Loan origination is one of the most crucial steps in loan servicing, yet almost every lender has a different interpretation of the definition of the term — where it starts, the various stages within the process and where it ends. While considering all viewpoints it is important to take a holistic view of the origination life-cycle. Irrespective of the loan type (retail or commercial) lenders have and are proud of their “secret sauce” when it comes to loan origination. The loan origination cycle you use, determines the selection of the borrowers, their evaluation, shortlisting, requirements, and, consequently, how well your business performs.

Depending on your organisation and domain, loan origination solutions differ in configurations and time-to-market. Having the right software provider allows you to control the customisation's quality and completeness and decide when you want to deploy.

Here’s where Trustt's Loan Origination System comes in with our robust solution and extremely fast time-to-market. Your enterprise gets an agile and scalable platform that our team can adjust to any of your business needs. Our offerings are made in a way so you can choose which is your business best:
- A ready-to-use boxed solution for end-to-end automation
- An Enterprise solution to address your unique needs and meet the requirements of a large-scale institution.

No matter what solution you configure, Trustt's LOS can configure journeys to streamline your entire origination process.