January 24, 2024

Trustt GPT Streamlines Banking Support, Boosts Efficiency by 50%

Bangalore, 23rd January– Trustt, a pioneer in Digital Banking solutions, launched transformational products in 2023 using cutting-edge technologies, which are achieving remarkable improvements in efficiency. The Digital Lending platform streamlined customer acquisition by 34% due to a high level of automation and straight-through processing, demonstrating the transformative power of Trustt's technology in driving customer acquisition and operational excellence for leading banks.

Trustt GPT, our Generative AI technology, is poised to improve the productivity of BFSI sales & support staff by 50%. This voice-first multilingual AI assistant can understand and respond in several Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi, enabling banks to:

  • Personalize product discovery: Recommend relevant financial products based on individual needs and explain benefits clearly.
  • Simplify customer acquisition: Streamline onboarding processes and offer seamless multilingual lead generation, attracting diverse demographics.
  • Enhance customer support: Resolve common issues with high accuracy, handle complex queries efficiently, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Mr. Srikanth Nadhamuni, Executive Chairman and Founder of Trustt, Commenting on these achievements, said, "Trustt is redefining the landscape of banking technology through cutting-edge digital tools and bringing innovative BFSI products to market. We are excited to see the efficiency gains that our AI-powered solutions can deliver. I think Generative AI will transform banking through its easy-to-use conversation interface and user-specific custom services."

Trustt’s Digital Distribution Platform (DDP), is a comprehensive Banking Correspondent Agent (or partner) engagement platform which has revolutionized customer acquisition for clients and enabled them to onboard new-to-formal banking customers. By streamlining partner onboarding (reduced by a staggering 80%), managing agent lifecycles, and ensuring efficient product distribution, DDP boosted new customer acquisition. The platform's advanced lead validation and prospect routing features further contribute to a remarkable improvement in conversion rates. Moreover, DDP reduces acquisition costs by 50% through optimized marketing efforts and streamlined partner management. This results in significant growth, cost savings, and a competitive edge for our clients.

While reflecting on the year gone by, Mr. Gautam Bandyopadhyay, CEO and Co-Founder of Trustt, commented, "As we stand here, we celebrate these milestones with immense pride and gratitude. We are excited about the potential of generative AI technologies to transform the Banking experience and bring more financial inclusion. Our next year's roadmap is to bring all our products enhanced through in-built deep integration of generative AI capabilities.  We are committed to pushing the boundaries further, unlocking new possibilities, and shaping the future of financial services with cutting-edge technology that truly matters."


Trustt - formerly known as Novopay is a leading SaaS cloud-based banking solution provider, offering innovative solutions to financial institutions around the world. With a focus on customer service, technology, and security, the company helps its clients stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing banking and finance landscape.

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