Trustt's Insure Omnichannel insurance origination makes it easier for Business Users to market their insurance products. By using multiple channels, such as online platforms, mobile apps, and in-person interactions, insurers can provide customers with a seamless and convenient experience.

Trustt's Insure products come with inbuilt capabilities to customise the product for individual customers using AI/ML technology, robust rule-based underwriting and risk assessment engine and Data analytics to enable Insurers with an agile and composable tech platform.

Multiple pre-configured integrations allow Insurers to utilise data from multiple data sources for better underwriting and automate quotations, policy issuance, and claims management tasks. Pre-built onboarding journeys with Smart form builder help to minimise the go-to-market time.

Trustt's Insure product also provides insurers with a wealth of data and insights that allow them to better understand and price risks, and to tailor products and services to meet the specific needs of individual customers. This data-driven approach not only helps insurers remain competitive in an increasingly digital market but also helps to foster a sense of trust and warmth between the insurer and its customers.